Dear Families,

On 2/23, the Biden Administration announced that state testing would proceed without an option for statewide waivers for ELA, Math, Science, and English Language testing. Given the need to test across regions, Achievement First is gathering the most up to date information to help facilitate decision making and communication. The first tests are scheduled to happen the week of April 19th.

 We have limited information about the testing structure other than that the intention is to have testing in person. In September, the state announced that no testing could happen remotely. NY has not shared guidance on how many students must be tested. It appears the state is trying to dramatically reduce testing this year, and we should know more this week about what they decide. We will communicate with you as soon as we have updated guidance from the state.

What does this mean right now?

Our focus at CHES is to ensure that scholars are confident to take this test. We will use the next few weeks to build scholar familiarity and confidence with test-taking skills. We know that this year has not been ideal for students. It is important that scholars have a positive testing experience without feeling frustrated. Over the next few weeks we will focus on giving as much practice as possible. 

Practice tests will happen this week.

On Thursday March 18th and Friday March 19th will take a practice test. The purpose of this test is to see what scholars know so far. It is really important that they have a quiet place to work during this time. Please make sure that they are sitting at a table, away from any distractions. We want to make sure that scholars can focus during this time.

It is also important that you do not give any support during the practice tests. When scholars take the state test, they will not have any help from their family and we want them to be independent during any assessments.

Finally, please ensure scholars have a good night’s rest the night before and eat breakfast in the morning. It will be really important to make sure they are on time (which is important every day) so that they do not miss any information or directions. 

Family Partnership is super important:

The only way we will see success is with your help with the above listed items and to stay on top of all communication. Please support your child(ren) this week and over the next few weeks to be confident and at ease with testing and practice. Scholars will feed off of our energy over the next few weeks so let’s continue to keep them motivated and focused during this time.

Thank you families for all that you have done and continue to do to ensure your child(ren) are most successful.

With Love, 

Dr. Johnson